Consulting and Workshops

We are available for talks, workshops, and training sessions on creativity, innovation, or positive change.

Jon runs IM4Change, a Minneapolis-based consulting firm focusing on fostering organizational innovation and strategic change. Some ways Jon can be of help:

  • Are you looking for creative ways to think about and accomplish organizational change—whether on a smaller or larger scale?
  • Might you better understand just how you are rewarding exploration and experimentation alongside “wise repeating”? Do you recognize the reasons for your established routines?
  • Perhaps you would like to consider some ways to inject new ideas, form new idea intersection spaces, and “make and find” together?
  • Could you use some assistance in tuning your goals? To fully harness the creative energy and direction that goals can offer us, it may be helpful to guide our thinking through a set of five interrelated questions. First, how have you chosen your goals? Second, how well do your goals work or interplay together? Third, how pliable and responsive are your goals to unanticipated opportunities? Fourth, are your goal-driven efforts being submerged by extraneous factors? Fifth, are you keeping track and adjusting your goals as needed based on ongoing feedback about your progress?

If you, your team, or your organization seek advice on ways to enhance creativity, innovation, and strategic change please contact Jon using the contact form on this site.