InnovatingMinds4Change aims to make available to a broad audience the latest findings and insights on creativity, innovation, and positive change. The lens used is the science-grounded 5-part thinking framework developed in our Innovating Minds: Rethinking Creativity to Inspire Change (Oxford University Press, 2015).

The blog—or what we invite you to think of as an online commonplace book of occasional thoughts—is co-written by Wilma Koutstaal and Jonathan Binks. Wilma is a psychology professor at the University of Minnesota, with a Ph.D. in experimental psychology from Harvard University. She is the author of The Agile Mind (winner of the 2012 William James book Award from the American Psychological Association) published by Oxford University Press. You can find more about Wilma on her webpage here. Jon runs InnovatingMinds4Change (IM4Change) a consulting firm focusing on fostering organizational innovation and strategic renewal. Jon holds a J.D. from Queen’s University Law School, with expertise in intellectual property and organizational change.